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Welcome to Foundation

This is version 2.1.5 released on January 26, 2012

The Grid

This is a twelve column section in a row. Each of these includes a div.panel element so you can see where the columns are - it's not required at all for the grid.

Six columns

Six columns


Simple Tab 1
Simple Tab 2
Simple Tab 3
  • This is simple tab 1's content. Pretty neat, huh?
  • This is simple tab 2's content. Now you see it!
  • This is simple tab 3's content. It's, you know...okay.


Small Blue Button

Medium Blue Button

Large Blue Button

Nice Blue Button

Nice Blue Button

Nice Blue Button

Getting Started

We're stoked you want to try Foundation! To get going, this file (index.html) includes some basic styles you can modify, play around with, or totally destroy to get going.

Other Resources

Once you've exhausted the fun in this document, you should check out:

  • Foundation Documentation
    Everything you need to know about using the framework.
  • Foundation on Github
    Latest code, issue reports, feature requests and more.
  • @foundationzurb
    Ping us on Twitter if you have questions. If you build something with this we'd love to see it (and send you a totally boss sticker).